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Five Reasons Truck Accidents Are So Deadly

Truck accidents are among the most deadly types of motor vehicle accidents on the road. Even those who survive truck accidents often find themselves with substantially more severe injuries than victims of other motor vehicle accidents, and suffer more long-term health problems as a result. Here are five major reasons truck accidents are so deadly: Continue reading “Five Reasons Truck Accidents Are So Deadly”

Five Reasons to Not Take a Settlement (Right Away)

Considering all the pressure you are under after a motor vehicle accident or other serious injury, it might be tempting to take the first settlement offer that is handed to you. In many ways, it can be a lot easier to simply go along with what the insurance company wants. But what is best for a defendant’s insurer is not usually what is best for you. Here are five reasons you should wait before you take a settlement: Continue reading “Five Reasons to Not Take a Settlement (Right Away)”

Five Ways Workers Suffer Preventable Injuries On the Job

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) was created with the intention of preventing workers from getting injured while on the job. However, tens of thousands of people are injured in their workplace every year, due in no small part to people who violate OSHA regulations and other laws intended to protect worker safety. Here are five common reasons workers suffer preventable injuries on the job: Continue reading “Five Ways Workers Suffer Preventable Injuries On the Job”

Seven Common Ailments That Could Indicate a TBI

It can seem hysterical to worry about every little ache and pain you suffer, especially after you have been through a major accident. And yet, many symptoms of injuries from an accident may not become apparent until days, weeks, or even months afterwards. Indeed, when it comes to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), even relatively mundane problems can be signs of a much more serious medical issue. Here are seven signs you may have suffered a TBI due to an accident: Continue reading “Seven Common Ailments That Could Indicate a TBI”

When is a Property Owner Responsible for an Injury?

Property ownership is always a big deal, not merely because of the major investment it represents, but also because of the responsibilities it incurs. After all, if anyone gets injured on a property, the owner may be held legally responsible for that injury. But when exactly does a property owner become responsible for an injury, and when is it just someone else’s problem? Continue reading “When is a Property Owner Responsible for an Injury?”

5 Ways to Encourage Safe Driving to your Teen

Earning your driver’s license is perhaps one of the most exciting milestones you reach as a teenager. For teens, it provides a sense of freedom, pride, and appreciation for the new responsibility. For parents on the other hand, common emotions surrounding the milestone include anxiety and fear for their child’s safety. While you cannot control how other cars on the road with your teen may behave, you can do your best in encouraging your teen to engage in safe driving. Continue reading “5 Ways to Encourage Safe Driving to your Teen”

The 5 Leading Causes of Car Accidents

An estimated 1.25 million people lose their lives to car accidents every year. While many preemptive steps have been taken to decrease this statistic, including backup cameras and forward collision systems, we cannot place such heavy reliance on the safety features of our cars to protect us from the dangers of the road. With 94% of road accidents still caused by human error, it is crucial to take responsibility for our own actions while driving a vehicle.

Continue reading “The 5 Leading Causes of Car Accidents”

The 5 Most Common Accidents at Construction Sites

Construction sites can be one of the most dangerous job sites for both construction workers and pedestrians passing by them on the street. They are known to account for the majority percentage of work related deaths each year. Large machinery, hazardous chemicals, and staggering heights contribute to the long list of dangerous accidents that form this high-risk work environment. Continue reading “The 5 Most Common Accidents at Construction Sites”

Five Hidden Costs of Motor Vehicle Accidents

A motor vehicle accident can result in substantial harm, both to your body and your bank account. Even a minor accident can mean thousands of dollars in medical bills and repair costs, not to mention legal expenses. But there are some potential costs that people do not take into account when dealing with motor vehicle accidents. Here are five of those potential hidden costs to be aware of: Continue reading “Five Hidden Costs of Motor Vehicle Accidents”

Five Major Causes of Medical Malpractice

We all trust doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to care for us when we get sick or injured. Sadly, even the best doctors can make mistakes. When they do, it is their patients that suffer the consequences. This is known as medical malpractice, and it can cost people their health, their time, their money, and even their lives. Here are five reasons medical malpractice occurs: Continue reading “Five Major Causes of Medical Malpractice”

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