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Motorcycle Accident

The New York motorcycle accident lawyers at Zlotolow & Associates are dedicated to protecting the rights of bikers who have been injured due to other motorists’ negligence. We will negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure your rights are protected and that you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

If a motorcycle accident has left you or a loved one injured, contact us today. We’ll prepare a case that demands maximum compensation from at-fault parties for your costs and losses, such as:

  • Payment for medical bills and future medical care needs
  • Costs of repairing or replacing your motorcycle
  • Payment for lost income and/or your diminished earning capacity
  • Seek compensation for pain and suffering and, in extreme cases, punitive damages, which are awarded as punishment for the at-fault party’s egregious behavior

Schedule a free consultation with Zlotolow & Associates today, and speak to a skilled New York motorcycle accident attorney about standing up for your rights after a crash.

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How Our NYC Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

Our compassionate New York City motorcycle accident lawyers will review your injury claim and advise you on how to deal with:

  • Medical care: Motorcycle accidents are notorious for causing broken bones, traumatic brain injury (TBI), back and spinal cord injury (including paralysis), and other catastrophic injuries. In addition to emergency medical care, a biker in an accident may be headed for hospitalization and surgery.
  • Recovery: Depending on the scope of your injuries in a motorcycle crash, you could need several months or more of convalescence and recovery. This may require physical therapy, including occupational and vocational therapy. If you have suffered disabling injuries, you will have to learn to cope with a significant change in your lifestyle.
  • Disability: If your injuries are disabling over the long-term or permanently, you may require assistive devices (e.g., wheelchair, hospital bed), renovations to your home, and nursing care or personal assistance. Those who suffer disabilities also require therapy and periodic medical treatment for the rest of their lives, particularly in cases of degenerative injuries, like TBI and tetraplegia (widespread paralysis).
  • Lost income: You will be out of work as you recover from a significant motorcycle injury. Your employer may offer sick leave, maybe even short- and long-term disability, but all benefits have limits. If you are disabled, you may never return to your job, similar work, or any substantial employment.
  • A wrecked bike: Somewhere, your motorcycle lies damaged, if not destroyed. If you are hospitalized, you may not even know its whereabouts, much less be in a position to have it taken in for assessment and repairs. You may have to replace it, someday, if you will be able to ride again.

The costs of a motorcycle accident quickly become expensive, insurers will likely look for reasons to minimize or deny your claim. Our attorneys can help you with your motorcycle accident cases.

What You Need to Know About Dealing with Insurance Companies

An insurance adjuster may have already contacted you after the accident. You may have been told your claim will be denied, or you were offered a settlement that is too low and, frankly, insulting.

Insurance adjustors have a legal obligation to their employers to hold the line and payout as little as possible for claims. This gives them an incentive to side with the motorist who cries “I never saw him” after a motorcycle accident, implying the injured rider was at fault.

Zlotolow & Associates will fight to protect you from this kind of insurance company abuse. You should never agree to anything suggested by an insurance company after a crash without discussing it with one of our experienced New York motorcycle accident attorneys. You don’t want to risk signing away your rights to the compensation you deserve.

If you have already received a settlement offer, let our team evaluate it. Our skilled attorneys, medical professionals, and financial experts can review your accident and injuries to determine how much compensation you truly deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my case take?

The amount of time it takes to resolve your case will depend on multiple factors. First, it is important that you take the time you need to heal. Once you reach maximum medical improvement, we will be able to estimate the extent of your damages. Second, you are the one who decides when you want to settle or go to court. Our attorneys will present you with every settlement offer and explain whether we feel you are owed more. We will negotiate aggressively and be prepared to take your claim before a judge and jury, if necessary. But a lawsuit does take time, and it is ultimately your decision on how you want to proceed.

What will my lawyer handle for me?

Our full-service personal injury law firm will handle all aspects of your claim, including communicating with the insurance company, filing your property damage claim, and keeping track of your medical records. We will also launch our own investigation into the cause of your accident to identify every possible source of compensation. And we will bring in medical experts and financial professionals to help evaluate your claim and determine what full and fair compensation should be.

What will I have to do for my personal injury case?

You need to stay focused on your health. Make sure you follow your doctor’s orders and make it to all your appointments. Start a journal to document how your injury is affecting your everyday life, both physically and emotionally. And protect your privacy by taking a break from social media and not talking about your case.

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If you or a loved one have suffered harm in a motorcycle accident, you need to speak with the dedicated New York motorcycle injury attorneys at Zlotolow & Associates. With more than two decades of experience, our lawyers have helped countless individuals and families obtain the full compensation they deserved after serious accidents. If you or a loved one has suffered due to a motorcycle accident, please contact the personal injury attorneys at Zlotolow & Associates by calling us toll-free at (866) 800 – 0092, or visit our contact page for a free consultation.

We do not charge to start investigating cases, and we will only collect legal fees as a portion of the compensation we recover for you. If we don’t win money for you, you don’t pay us.

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