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Queens Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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Motorcycle accidents often cause catastrophic injuries because bikers are not protected in a crash like motorists in cars and trucks. However, motorcyclists who are injured in accidents that were caused by another driver have the same legal protection and eligibility for compensation that other motorists do. Don’t let the reckless motorist who hit you, or the insurance company, get away with blaming you or denying you the compensation you deserve. A Queens motorcycle accident lawyer at Zlotolow & Associates will go toe-to-toe with the insurance company, and we won’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Contact Zlotolow & Associates now to schedule a free consultation, and learn how our attorneys will aggressively pursue a motorcycle accident claim for you.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Queens, N.Y. | Zlotolow & Associates

Our Queens motorcycle accident attorneys will want to launch an investigation into your accident as soon as possible. That’s because New York’s statutes of limitations impose strict deadlines on filing personal injury claims. But getting to the point of filing a lawsuit based on a strong case is often a time-consuming process. It requires our team to:

  • Move quickly to obtain evidence before it is degraded, destroyed, or otherwise lost
  • Thoroughly investigate the facts of your case and identify all parties with legal responsibility for your motorcycle accident
  • Track your recovery until you reach maximum medical improvement, so we can fully calculate your expenses and losses
  • Work with consultants to prepare medical reports and financial analyses that will strengthen your case
  • Overcome obstruction and delay tactics insurance companies employ in hopes of forcing you to give up or miss deadlines

Most personal injury lawsuits stemming from a motorcycle accident will need to be filed within three years of the accident. A wrongful death claim from a fatal accident must be filed within two years. Other claims have stricter limits, such as a claim against a local government, which may have employed the driver responsible for your injuries.

Remember, Zlotolow & Associates begins all work for you with a free, no-obligation consultation. This is free legal advice about your accident and your potential personal injury claim.

We Demand Full Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Victims in Queens

The motorcycle accident lawyers of Zlotolow & Associates will investigate your accident to determine how and why you or your loved one was injured. We’ll identify all parties responsible for your motorcycle accident, as well as all insurance coverage that may be applied to your losses. Then we will file claims with insurers for payment of your:

  • Medical expenses, from emergency room treatment to hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, and any long-term care needs
  • Lost wages, including future losses from any diminished earning capacity caused by your injuries
  • Motorcycle (and other) property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral and burial expenses if your loved one’s motorcycle accident proved fatal

After a motorcycle accident, our goal is to make you and your family financially whole and to make sure you do not face debt from a crash that was caused by someone else’s negligence. In many cases, we can settle claims through aggressive negotiations. However, if the insurance company refuses to offer a fair motorcycle accident settlement, we will not hesitate to take your case to a judge and jury.

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The Long-Term Costs of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The first days and weeks of dealing with serious injuries from a motorcycle accident can be a blur of pain and emotion. It may be hard to grasp the long road to recovery ahead of you or to understand the potential costs.

In one form or another, serious injuries in a motorcycle accident result in:

  • Medical care: Motorcycle accidents often cause catastrophic injury, if not death. In addition to emergency medical care, a biker in an accident may be headed for hospitalization and surgery. The costs of medical care alone in New York City can easily reach into the thousands of dollars. In a fatal motorcycle accident, family members can seek to recover medical expenses, as well as funeral and burial costs.
  • Long-term recovery: A seriously injured motorcyclist may face several months or longer of convalescence and recovery. After primary medical treatment, the badly injured rider may require physical therapy, including occupational and vocational therapy. Disabling injuries will lead to significant changes in the life once enjoyed. Recovery may also include counseling to deal with the emotional trauma of a catastrophic motorcycle accident.
  • Disability: Long-term injury or permanent disability may lead to the need for assistive devices such as a wheelchair, home renovations to accommodate mobility challenges, and, for some, in-home nursing or personal care assistance. Disabled motorcycle accident victims may require lifelong medical and therapeutic care in cases of totally disabling or degenerative injuries, like tetraplegia (widespread paralysis) or severe traumatic brain injury. The lifetime costs of paralysis easily top $1 million, particularly for younger accident victims.
  • Lost wages: The time needed to recover from a serious motorcycle injury typically means lost work time, as well. Even those fortunate enough to have employer-sponsored sick leave or short- and long-term disability may eventually exhaust those benefits. Lost wages from missed work days will outweigh medical costs for many motorcycle accident victims. Motorcycle accident victims who are permanently disabled are likely to face reduced earning power for the rest of their lives.

Your costs and losses after a motorcycle accident should be covered by insurance, particularly coverage held by the party(s) that caused your crash and injuries. Under New York personal injury law, you are also eligible for pain and suffering damages (compensation) if someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional act caused your injuries.

However, because motorcycle accident injuries can be so costly, insurers may balk at paying. At Zlotolow & Associates, our Queens motorcycle accident lawyers can handle your insurance claims from start to finish, including fully documenting responsibility for the motorcycle accident and demanding maximum compensation. We will press the insurance companies for the payments you deserve, and let you focus on your recovery.

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If someone has injured you or a loved one in a motorcycle accident due to their negligence or recklessness, New York law is on your side. Contact a Queens motorcycle accident lawyer today for help pursuing a claim for full and fair compensation.

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