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Five Ways Negligence Causes Falling Injuries on Construction Sites

Falling accidents are the single most common source of injuries in workplaces across the United States, and no profession is worse for these sorts of accidents than construction. This is due, in no small part, to the negligence that many construction contractors show towards safety issues that threaten their workers’ health and well-being. Here are five ways that negligent contractors can cause falling injuries on construction sites:

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How Do Accidents Happen in Work Zones?

On April 11-15, the Federal Highway Administration celebrated National Work Zone Awareness week, to help combat the dangers of work zone accidents. These sadly common occurrences lead to thousands of accidents every single year across the United States, endangering the lives of construction workers on these sites. But how do accidents happen in work zones in the first place? Continue reading “How Do Accidents Happen in Work Zones?”

How Do Vehicular Accidents Happen on Construction Sites?

Motor vehicle accidents are a constant source of potential harm, with tens of thousands of people injured across New York State every year due to auto accidents. While the vast majority of these happen on open roads or highways, a surprising number occur in workplaces, particularly on construction sites. But what is it about construction sites that leads to so many vehicular accidents?

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Are You Liable For Someone Falling From a Ladder On Your Property?

One of the most basic tenets of personal injury law is that people are responsible for injuries that happen on their property, if those injuries are the result of their negligence. While this may seem simple in theory, in practice it can be difficult to determine who is at fault in certain accidents, such as when people fall from a ladder. But how do you determine if you are legally liable from someone falling from a ladder on your property?

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How Overexertion Leads to More Workplace Injuries

When talking about workplace injuries, the focus is most often on some of the more obvious causes, such as falling accidents, vehicular accidents, and electrocutions. However, one common factor in many of these other accidents is overexertion. But what exactly is overexertion, and how does it lead to so many workplace injuries?

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Keeping Yourself Safe in the Workplace

As more people return to the workplace after the coronavirus pandemic, there is a greater focus on keeping safe in the workplace. Even without COVID-related concerns, though, work environments often pose a high risk of potential injury for employees. Here are five things you should keep in mind when you are looking to keep yourself safe in the post-COVID-19 workplace: Continue reading “Keeping Yourself Safe in the Workplace”

Seven of the Most Dangerous Professions in New York

Every year, thousands of people across New York are injured or sickened as a result of their jobs. While the unique hazard of COVID-19 has made many jobs more dangerous, the fact is that some of the most dangerous jobs have been that way for a very long time. Here are seven of the most dangerous professions in New York, based on the rate of on-the-job illness and injury: Continue reading “Seven of the Most Dangerous Professions in New York”

Five Responsibilities of Construction Contractors

Construction contractors are the companies that are brought in to perform all manner of construction projects, from ground-up construction projects, to renovations, to demolitions. Contractors often employ scores of workers to assist in their construction projects, and they have important responsibilities to ensure conditions on the work site are safe. When they are negligent in those responsibilities, their employees are much more likely to get hurt. Here are five duties construction contractors have on a work site: Continue reading “Five Responsibilities of Construction Contractors”

Five Ways Workers Suffer Preventable Injuries On the Job

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) was created with the intention of preventing workers from getting injured while on the job. However, tens of thousands of people are injured in their workplace every year, due in no small part to people who violate OSHA regulations and other laws intended to protect worker safety. Here are five common reasons workers suffer preventable injuries on the job: Continue reading “Five Ways Workers Suffer Preventable Injuries On the Job”

The 5 Most Common Accidents at Construction Sites

Construction sites can be one of the most dangerous job sites for both construction workers and pedestrians passing by them on the street. They are known to account for the majority percentage of work related deaths each year. Large machinery, hazardous chemicals, and staggering heights contribute to the long list of dangerous accidents that form this high-risk work environment. Continue reading “The 5 Most Common Accidents at Construction Sites”

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