When you enter someone else’s home, you probably assume that it’s going to be a safe area. If a homeowner does not make efforts to keep their property safe for guests and one of those guests gets hurt, they may be held liable for their injuries. If this happens to you, a New York slip and fall lawyer from our firm can help you.

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What is a Property Owner’s Responsibility in New York?

A homeowner or property owner has a duty to keep their property free from dangers and anything that could hurt someone. If they knew that there was a dangerous situation on their property and they did nothing to fix it, they could be held liable when someone else gets injured in a slip and fall or some other kind of accident.

What Are Some Common Slip and Fall Hazards?

There are many types of hazards that can cause slip and fall accident. A homeowner who does not try to fix a problem or at least attempt to warn guests about such things could be considered responsible for injuries suffered. Dangerous hazards include:

  • Broken stairs or walkways
  • Stairways without banisters or handrails
  • Leaks and slippery puddles
  • Snow and ice
  • Poor lighting on walkways
  • Unmarked steps and curbs that are difficult to see

If any of these hazards cause injuries, the homeowner could be on the hook.

Should I Take the Insurance Company’s Offer After a Slip and Fall?

Now when you sue for damages in a case like this, it’s rare that you will sue a homeowner directly. Instead, you will end up sparring with the holder of their insurance policy.

The insurance company might send you a settlement offer when you sue, and that settlement might look pretty good. However, you must remember that insurance companies are not exactly generous. They want to get out of this while spending as little money as possible. That means that this offer may not be as good as it seems initially. We recommend talking to a lawyer before settling.

What Can Compensation From a Slip and Fall Case Cover?

Your compensation should pay for any costs resulting from your slip and fall, but it should also help make up for any other trauma or issues you end up facing as a result of your accident. Our attorneys can help you fight for an offer that compensates you for:

  • The cost of any medical bills
  • Any wages you lost out on while you recovered
  • Any effect your injuries will have on your earning potential
  • How your injuries will affect your ability to enjoy hobbies and activities you loved before your accident
  • Any other pain and suffering you experienced as a result of your accident

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