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New York Construction Accident Lawyer

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Construction is one of the most vital industries in New York City and across Long Island, but construction work remains an extremely dangerous profession. Although there are many workplace safety regulations intended to protect the health and safety of construction workers, all too often these regulations are ignored to save time or money. When this happens, it is often construction workers who pay the price, suffering injuries they could have avoided if only proper precautions were taken. If you are a construction worker who has been injured on the job, you can have confidence in turning to a seasoned New York construction accident lawyer right here at Zlotolow & Associates who can fight for the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

Construction Accident Lawyer | Fighting for Our State’s Hardest Workers

The dedicated New York construction site accident lawyers at Zlotolow & Associates have more than two decades of experience successfully handling injuries arising from construction accidents. We can help you demand full and fair compensation for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages and expenses. Our attorneys will work with you to evaluate your case and create a litigation strategy that best suits your needs and protects your interests. Don’t hire just any Long Island personal injury lawyer to represent you; hire one who truly cares. Hire Zlotolow & Associates.

Causes of Construction Accidents in NYC

Construction accidents and injuries can happen in a wide range of circumstances. Just some of the most common causes and types of construction accidents that our firm sees are as follows:

  • OSHA violations
  • Falls from heights
  • Falling debris striking workers
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Unsafe use of ladders and scaffolding
  • Poor communication between crews
  • Inadequate training of workers
  • Failure to provide protective equipment
  • Lack of proper inspections
  • Electrical shocks and arcs
  • Unsafe excavation practices
  • Overhead hazards
  • Unsafe vehicular operation
  • Ignoring safety warnings and procedures
  • Inexperienced personnel
  • Use of unsuitable or damaged tools and machines
  • Defective tools and machines
  • Negligence in using machinery
  • Unsafe machinery
  • Lack of adequate supervision
  • Use of unauthorized substances
  • Fire and explosions

If you were injured in any of the aforementioned circumstances, there is a strong chance you are entitled to compensation. Our firm is here to help you get that compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Vs. Third-Party Claims

If you’ve been hurt in a construction accident, you will either file a workers’ compensation claim or a third-party claim. To win a workers’ compensation claim, you’ll simply need to prove that you were injured on the job. As long as we can prove as much, you should receive compensation to help cover the cost of your medical bills and a portion of your lost wages, regardless of who is at fault for the incident.

That said, if we can prove that a third party who is not your employer was responsible for your injuries, we can file a third-party personal injury claim on your behalf. Examples of third parties can include independent contractors, equipment designers/manufacturers, property owners, and more. The benefit of filing a third-party claim as opposed to a workers’ compensation claim is that there is no predetermined cap on the amount of damages you may recover.

Regardless of the claim you’re looking to file, it is of paramount importance that you report your work-related injury either the day it happens or the very next day, and, from there, retain the services of a seasoned lawyer as soon as you can.

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