Most of us go to a bar or winery to relax or blow off steam with some buddies. We usually do not expect to get injured as a part of the deal. People do get hurt at these types of establishments though, and if they get injured due to the negligence of someone at the bar or winery they should be able to pursue compensation. A New York inadequate security lawyer from our firm can help.

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What Kinds of Injuries Can You Sue a Bar or Winery Owner For?

Sometimes accidents happen, but sometimes an injury can be directly traced to the negligence or actions of someone else. If you get hurt at a bar or winery and believe that someone should be held accountable, you may be able to sue an owner for injuries related to:

Inadequate security: If you are injured by another customer, then the establishment may be partly to blame. If there is not adequate security, like a guard who could remove unruly patrons, then the owners are taking a risk and potentially letting their customers come to harm.

Slip and fall accidents: Occasionally a beverage or two is going to get spilled at a bar or winery. The slipping hazard needs to be dealt with promptly though. If a puddle from a spilled drink or leaky pipe is allowed to linger and someone falls, the establishment should be held responsible.

Poor infrastructure: You could also suffer injuries due to dangerous conditions in the bar or winery itself. If you get hurt because something fell from the ceiling or wall, that is a potential personal injury suit. The same is true for hazards like broken floorboards, construction debris, or stools or chairs that break when you sit on them.

Food poisoning: While food poisoning sometimes just results in a bit of a stomach ache, the symptoms can also end up being far more serious. If you end up missing days of work or spending time in a hospital, you will be looking at significant expenses.

What Should Your Compensation Cover?

When you sue for compensation, it should not just cover the bills you faced as a result of your injuries. Your settlement should also compensate you for the mental anguish and pain and suffering you experienced. A fair offer should be calculated with all of the following in mind:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain from disfigurement or disability
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Loss of enjoyment

Your injuries from a bar or winery accident could be minor, or they could continue to affect you for a long time. We can help you fight for fair and reasonable compensation.

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