Motorcyclists are arguably one of the most vulnerable groups of people on the road. While passengers in cars and trucks have the protection of the vehicle itself, motorcycle riders are essentially on their own. If they are involved in an accident they are exposed to the hard ground and other vehicles with nothing in between them. Motorcycle accidents can be extremely damaging especially when drugs and alcohol are involved.

motorcycle on its side on the road accidents

Intoxication can play a significant role in the cause of motorcycle accidents. Below are some risks that substance abuse contributes to. For legal representation and advice, reach out to a New York motorcycle accident lawyer and begin discussing the details of your situation today.

Impaired Vision

Visibility is one of the most important aspects of safely operating a motorcycle or any motor vehicle. When a person is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol their vision is likely impaired. They may see double and be unable to focus on anything. Their eyesight might be blurry. Intoxication can negatively affect a person’s depth perception as well, making it impossible for them to accurately perceive the distance between themselves and other objects or determine how fast another vehicle is approaching.

Poor Coordination

For a motorcycle to ride properly the rider must maintain their balance. If they are intoxicated they may not be able to remain upright, which could cause the bike to teeter and even tip over, resulting in injury for the driver. You also need coordination to speed up, slow down, shift gears, safely make turns, etc. Drugs and alcohol can cause inadequate coordination skills.

Reduced Judgement

When driving any vehicle it is important to have sound judgement so you can make split-second decisions. Knowing your limits is important especially when you are riding on a motorcycle. If your judgement is impaired you may feel like you don’t have to wear a helmet, can speed up, or can perform a risky trick. False confidence can be lethal on the road. If you have consumed drugs or alcohol before driving it can affect your decision-making skills and you might make poor choices that could cost you significantly.

Slow Reaction Time

When vehicles travel at high speeds hazards can appear seemingly out of nowhere. A car may cut you off, a pedestrian could run out into the road, or debris could be littering the streets. When you are intoxicated by drugs or alcohol your reaction time will be reduced and you may not be able to make a decision in time to avoid the hazard. By the time you realize what is happening, it may be too late for you to swerve, brake, or change lanes.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Motorcycle Accident?

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident that involved the use of drugs or alcohol it is important that you are properly represented. A lawyer will be knowledgeable on state laws and liability. Contact a skilled New York attorney to ensure your rights are protected.