Struck-by accidents are the second biggest cause of workplace accidents, and the second biggest cause of construction-related fatalities, immediately after falling accidents. These shockingly common accidents can potentially cause severe injuries, which may require emergency medical attention and, in some cases, can result in long-term medical issues. Here are five common causes associated with struck-by accidents, which should be avoided or mitigated as much as possible:

  • Falling objects
    • By far the biggest cause of struck-by accidents comes from falling objects. Tools, parts, materials, and other items commonly found in workplaces can all become dangerous when they fall on people. Often, they can strike people on the head, potentially causing head injuries and risking a traumatic brain injury. It can also result in bruises, cuts, bone fractures, or even dislocations, depending on exactly what impacts someone and how it impacts them.
  • Rivet guns and nail guns
    • Rivet guns and nail guns are also common culprits in struck-by accidents, especially on construction sites. While these are meant to only be used at close range, while pressed directly against construction materials, they propel the nails and rivets with enough force that they can become airborne when mishandled. This can result in people effectively being shot by nails or rivets, causing all sorts of potentially nasty injuries.
  • Power tools
    • Power tools of all sorts can also result in struck-by injuries. In addition to the risk of them being dropped on people by careless workers, they can also create projectiles whenever they are used to cut or drill into solid material. Pieces of wood, brick, stone, or other materials can fly off while they are being worked on, striking anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby when it happens.
  • Vehicles
    • Many workplaces, including construction sites, use vehicles as part of their day to day business. Though they are often going much more slowly than they would on the highway, these vehicles are still capable of causing severe injuries whenever they strike someone. A swinging crane can hit a worker by accident by simply turning around, while a truck left idling could roll onto someone, resulting in a struck-by accident.
  • Damaged buildings
    • It is a simple fact of life that buildings can degrade over time, and it is easy for roof tiling or wall siding to fall off if it is not properly maintained. Just like any other falling object, these pieces from damaged buildings can strike anyone below, potentially causing severe injury or death. Construction workers are at particular risk, because they are often called to repair this damage, meaning they are more likely to be around when these pieces fall off of a building.

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