A motor vehicle accident can result in substantial harm, both to your body and your bank account. Even a minor accident can mean thousands of dollars in medical bills and repair costs, not to mention legal expenses. But there are some potential costs that people do not take into account when dealing with motor vehicle accidents. Here are five of those potential hidden costs to be aware of:

  1. Lost wages
    • It is not uncommon for people in motor vehicle accidents to spend days or weeks in the hospital recovering from their injuries. Even after that, they will likely need to take time off of work to see doctors and receive medical attention. This means losing time at work, and in some cases, potentially losing their job entirely. This can mean people are deprived of their income at the exact time when they are burdened by all the other costs associated with a motor vehicle accident.
  2. Rehabilitation costs
    • Simply recovering from any injuries you received is only the start of things. If you have been severely injured, you may have suffered damage that will impair your ability to function normally. Broken bones, torn ligaments and other similar injuries can have lasting effects, impairing your ability to move even after your injury has healed. This is especially true if you were bedridden for a significant period of time, which may result in muscle weakness due to inactivity. Recovering normal functioning requires rehabilitation, which will add extra expenses to your already significant medical bills.
  3. Child care expenses
    • If you have any children or other dependents, you will need to ensure they are cared for when you are busy recovering from your injuries. Far from being able to focus on your own recovery, you will have these obligations that you may not be able to fulfill while you are recuperating from your motor vehicle accident. While some people can simply leave their children with relatives, not everyone is so lucky, and you may need to pay for child care costs if that option is not available to you.
  4. Dentistry or reconstructive surgery
    • Aside from the practical consequences of getting in a motor vehicle accident, it is also possible to suffer injuries whose cosmetic effects can be nearly as dramatic as their practical ones. For example, chipped, broken or missing teeth are common in motor vehicle accidents, which can make eating painful and interfere with normal social interaction. You may also suffer other disfigurements, such as lacerations or burns, which require reconstructive surgery to repair. All of this adds to the potential cost of your accident.
  5. Pain and suffering
    • Although it is often looked down upon, you should never underestimate the effect that prolonged pain and suffering can have on your life. The physical and psychological toll of persistent pain can be intense, and many people wind up with long-term psychological problems as a result of their motor vehicle accident. This can include insomnia, paranoia, or even phobias about getting into motor vehicles for fear of getting into another accident. Aside from the proverbial toll this takes on someone, it can also become a literal cost as they seek treatment for these conditions.

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