Not every accident results in a serious injury, but by the same token, not every serious injury is immediately obvious. For various reasons, it is possible to suffer a potentially debilitating injury after an accident and not realize it. If you know the signs, however, you can potentially identify an undiagnosed injury and get it treated quickly. Here are five signs of an undiagnosed injury you should look out for after an accident:

  1. Chronic pain or aching
    • This may seem like it should be obvious, but any kind of serious pains or aches after an accident can be a sign of a serious injury. The issue is that the pain may not be unbearable, so someone may try to suffer through it and go on with their daily lives. However, these pains and aches can be a sign of muscle strain, bone fractures, or even dislocations. And unfortunately, this kind of undiagnosed injury can easily become worse if it is not treated promptly.
  2. Numbness or loss of feeling
    • By the same token, however, having feelings of numbness on portions of your body are also not a good sign. Often, people who suffer severe accidents may recover on the surface, but suffer a loss of feeling due to nerve damage. Because this does not necessarily cause immediate discomfort, however, many people put off seeing a doctor about it, leading this type of injury to remain undiagnosed.
  3. Mobility issues
    • Another common sign of an undiagnosed injury is a loss of mobility in one or more of your limbs. This may range from simple stiffness or a loss of flexibility, it can also include pain or discomfort when you attempt to move your limb in a certain way. This can be a sign of a fracture, muscle strain, or even torn muscles, ligaments or tendons.
  4. Disturbances to your sleep schedule or eating habits
    • It is fairly normal after an accident to suffer from anxiety, which can significantly affect your energy levels and your appetite. However, a significant change to your sleeping habits or eating habits that lasts for weeks or months can be a sign of a more significant problem. It may be a sign of a developing psychological disorder, or it may even be a symptom of a potential traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  5. Nausea, dizziness, or feelings of being sick
    • It is common for people to experience nausea and dizziness after a major accident. However, as a general rule, these feelings should abate after some recovery time. In some cases, however, these feelings of sickness do not go away, which can be a sign of a TBI or another undiagnosed injury. If you experience prolonged feelings of illness after an accident, you should see a doctor right away, and also contact a personal injury lawyer to explore your potential legal options.

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