Insurance companies do not like it when victims of accidents get lawyers. While this might seem callous to say, the fact of the matter is that things tend to go a lot more smoothly for insurers when victims simply go along with what they want. Of course, what is best for an insurance company is often not what is best for you. Here are five reasons why you should get a lawyer after an accident:

  • Insurers want to rush you to accept a settlement
    • More than anything, insurance companies want accident victims to rush to accept the first settlement they are offered. This is because these initial settlements are often the absolute lowest they can get away with at the time of the accident. They want to pressure you to accept a settlement, because they know if you take the time to pursue your legal options, the cost of a settlement is likely to rise significantly.
  • Lawyers can negotiate on your behalf
    • When you do not have a lawyer and you get into an accident, you may be negotiating directly with an insurer. Or, more likely, with a representative from that insurer’s legal department, whose entire job is to persuade you to take the deal that is best for the insurer. If you have a lawyer, they can negotiate for you, taking the pressure of negotiating that settlement off of your plate.
  • A lawyer can help you collect evidence
    • A lawyer can not only negotiate for you, but also help you collect evidence on your case. This may mean getting physical evidence from the accident scene itself, collecting witness testimony, obtaining video footage of the scene of the accident, or doing whatever else is necessary to help your case. The more evidence you have, the more complete a picture you will have when you go to negotiate with the insurer, or when you present your case at court.
  • A lawyer will help you exercise your rights
    • Everyone who gets involved in a personal injury case has certain legal rights they can exercise if they so choose. Actually exercising those rights can be complicated, however, and may require formal motions or hearings before a court. A lawyer with knowledge of personal injury law is, obviously, much better equipped to handle such matters than a regular person is.
  • You are in the best position possible for a trial
    • If you ultimately decide not to settle and instead go to a full trial, a lawyer can represent you at court and make the best possible argument for you. This maximizes your chance of victory, and of getting a good verdict from the jury or judge. Thus, you should strongly consider getting an attorney as soon as possible, to maximize your chances of getting a good outcome to your case.

If you have been involved in an accident, it is important that you contact an attorney to understand your legal rights. The personal injury attorneys at Zlotolow & Associates can bring more than two decades of experience to your case. We have helped thousands of clients recover through settlements and courtroom verdicts. To schedule a consultation, you can call us toll-free at (886)800-0092, or you can visit our contact page.