For most people, the summer is a time to cut loose and have fun, and that is doubly true after more than a year of staying inside due to COVID concerns. However, that does not mean that any of the old dangers have gone away. In fact, people may be more ready to engage in risky behavior than ever before. Watch out for these potential risks this summer, or else you could find yourself dealing with a lot worse than a sunburn:

  • Car accidents
    • With the weather getting better, it can be tempting to simply go out for a nice drive. Unfortunately, a lot of people have the same idea, and not all of them are going to be as cautious as they should be. Reckless driving tends to get more common as the temperature rises, and drunk drivers can be a particularly bad problem, especially around Independence Day. Drive carefully to give yourself the best chance at avoiding these dangerous drivers.
  • Swimming accidents
    • Whether you prefer to swim at the beach or in a pool, swimming can be a fun way to keep cool during the summer. It is also a good way to accidentally get hurt, if you are not watching out. The ground around swimming pools are often slippery, and can be a great way to accidentally fall and get hurt, and both beaches and pools carry the risk of accidental drowning. That is why you should never swim alone, and if you have a swimming pool in your home, make sure it is secure to prevent unauthorized entry by someone who might try to take a swim when you aren’t around.
  • Grilling injuries
    • For many people, summer means grilling up hamburgers, hot dogs, and other similar treats. However, people can get careless when they’re out grilling food, and can potentially injure themselves from hot food or hotter metal. Take precautions to protect yourself from grilling injuries, and make sure your grill is in good condition. Otherwise, your next barbecue could end with a trip to the hospital.
  • Firework injuries
    • It is traditional to set off fireworks around July 4, but just because it is traditional does not mean it is safe, or legal. Every year, thousands of people around the United States go to the hospital with fireworks-related injuries, with many victims suffering permanent harm as a result. That is why fireworks should be enjoyed from afar, when being operated by skilled professionals. Otherwise, you might get to experience a Roman candle far more closely than you might want.
  • Heat exhaustion and sunstroke
    • While they may be forgotten compared to more ostentatious types of injuries, the risk of heat exhaustion and sunstroke are pervasive and common during the summer. With people staying outdoors more, or working indoors in poorly ventilated areas, they put themselves at risk of overheating. Heat exhaustion and sunstroke are not merely uncomfortable, they can result in real harm to the people who experience them. That is why you need to make sure to keep cool, take breaks, and stay out of the sun from time to time.

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