Motorcycles are notorious for being particularly dangerous, with motorcycle accidents having a much higher rate of serious injury and death compared to other types of motor vehicle accidents. The reasons why this is, however, can be somewhat complicated. Here are five things that make motorcycle accidents far more hazardous:

  1. Lack of protection from accidents
    • While wearing a helmet and biker leathers can help deal with the danger posed by an accident, those protections only help somewhat in a motor vehicle accident. Unlike car or truck drivers, motorcyclists lack the protections offered by having a vehicle around them to absorb the blow. This means that any accident they suffer will cause them to absorb most of the blow, substantially increasing the risk of serious injury or death.
  2. Lack of visibility to other drivers
    • Another problem motorcyclists have is that their vehicles tend to be much smaller and less visible than other vehicles. This makes it much more likely for other drivers not to see them on the road, meaning they do not stop in time to prevent motorcycle accidents. This is especially a problem at night or during inclement weather, when vision is impaired even further.
  3. More aggression from other drivers
    • While there is a stereotype that motorcyclists tend to drive faster and more recklessly than other types of drivers, the fact is that other drivers often tend to be more reckless around motorcycles as well. Drivers are less likely to give motorcycles the room they need to break in an emergency, and more likely to engage in aggressive behaviors that make motorcycle accidents more likely.
  4. Intersections are far more dangerous
    • It’s estimated that around 70% of all motorcycle accidents happen at intersections, with a shocking number of those involving left-turning cars. This is partly due to visibility issues, but also has to do with drivers simply not checking for motorcycles at intersections, or not giving them the right of way. This causes them to go through the intersection without realizing there’s already a motorcycle going through it, leading to motorcycle accidents.
  5. Distracted drivers pose a serious threat
    • Sometimes, the issue is not that drivers do not see motorcyclists, but rather that they are not paying attention to the road. Cell phones pose a constant issue in that respect, with the allure of social media, phone calls, and text messages tempting many drivers into checking their phones while driving. However, any other type of distraction, such as food and drink, changing the radio, or programming a GPS can take a driver’s eyes off the road, leading to potential motorcycle accidents.

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