When it comes to workplace accidents, no single cause of harm is more common than falling. It is the single most often cited factor in workplace injuries and fatalities, although many of these injuries often occur for foreseeable reasons. However, employers often fail to take appropriate measures to prevent fall injuries, making these accidents more likely to occur. Here are five ways employers make fall injuries more likely:

  1. Lack of fall protection
    • One of the biggest reasons that fall injuries are so common in the workplace is due to employers failing to use proper fall protection. This includes everything from handrails or guardrails, to safety nets, to personal arrest systems, all of which are made to prevent dangerous falls from high places. When employers do not invest in fall protection, it is usually their workers who pay the price.
  2. Unstable scaffolding
    • Another hazard that can increase the risk of fall injuries is when scaffolding is not properly secured. Scaffolding is the term for elevated platforms often used for construction and maintenance, especially on taller buildings. When these platforms are not secured, they can wobble, tilt, sway, or even collapse, sending workers (and anything else on the scaffold) tumbling down below.
  3. Dirty or cluttered workplace
    • Many falls do not happen from high up, however. Instead, many people suffer fall injuries as a result of tripping or slipping and falling. These accidents happen due to slippery, dirty, or cluttered floors, which can be dangerous to walk on. When employers fail to keep their workplaces free of slipping and tripping hazards, they make the chance of a fall that much more likely.
  4. Lack of proper maintenance
    • There are lots of little things that go into maintaining a safe workplace, free of preventable injuries. This includes repairing broken floorboards or carpeting, replacing broken lights, and ensuring locks are properly installed and functional. When employers fail to perform maintenance on their workplaces, they create hazardous conditions that increase the risk of injury.
  5. Failure to post warning signs
    • Finally, one of the biggest potential problems is one of the most obvious and easy to rectify: posting warning signs of known hazards. Many conditions that increase the risk of fall injuries can be foreseen ahead of time, and warning people of these conditions can tell them to be careful and avoid getting hurt. When employers fail to post warning signs for dangerous conditions, they increase the chances that someone will be injured.

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