With the holidays fast approaching, people are increasingly preparing for the festivities of the season. However, with the holidays comes winter, and with the winter comes plenty of problems that can lead to dangerous accidents. If someone is injured on your property due to one of these hazards, you could be stuck with the bill. Here are five of the most common winter hazards you should be on the lookout for if you want to avoid potential accidents on your property:

  • Inadequate lighting
    • As it gets later in the year, the sun begins to set earlier, and people find themselves needing to travel in the dark more often. This can become an issue for property owners during the winter, especially if they do not have adequate lighting installed. Poor lighting increases the risk of many types of accidents, which in turn can lead to litigation if someone gets hurt.
  • Slippery surfaces
    • It can be enough of a problem when it rains, but the ground can become especially slippery when the weather gets cold enough for snow and ice to appear. While they may be pretty to look at, they can be dangerous to walk around, and it is easy for people to slip and fall if they are not careful. This is why property owners should take steps to deal with any snow or ice on their property as soon as possible, or risk a potentially serious accident.
  • Falling ice
    • Ice is not just a problem when it is on the ground, unfortunately. When ice forms on rooftops, gutters, and overhangs, they can quickly turn into potential dangers that can seriously endanger anyone they fall on. Taking steps to prevent the formation of ice dams can help to avoid these kinds of accidents, which can protect both you and anyone who happens to come onto your property.
  • Collapsing trees and branches
    • The winter is a dangerous time for trees, when any weakness in their trunks, roots or branches can send them falling to the ground below. Winter weather can exacerbate these problems, loading up branches and trees with snow and ice until they collapse under the weight, endangering anyone beneath them. Taking the time to prune dead or damaged trees can protect your property and potentially avoid a dangerous accident.
  • Accidental fires and burns
    • Snow and ice are not the only problems that come with the winter. As people try to warm up, they’re more likely to light up fireplaces and begin turning on space heaters to warm up their homes. They are also likely to begin cooking large amounts of food for their loved ones on gas or electric stoves. Whether using physical fuel or electricity, these devices all have one thing in common: they can easily cause burns and start fires, which can become extremely dangerous if not handled quickly.

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