Motor vehicle accidents are a constant source of potential harm, with tens of thousands of people injured across New York State every year due to auto accidents. While the vast majority of these happen on open roads or highways, a surprising number occur in workplaces, particularly on construction sites. But what is it about construction sites that leads to so many vehicular accidents?

  1. Lack of training handling large vehicles
    • One of the biggest reasons for vehicular accidents on construction sites is that workers are not always properly trained in handling vehicles before they use them. This leads to workers that struggle to use these vehicles as intended, and often without the safety mechanisms and procedures that are meant to prevent exactly these sorts of accidents. The predictable result is an increase in vehicular accidents, which can result in serious injury to anyone involved in them.
  2. Leaving vehicles unlocked or unattended
    • While most people lock their own vehicles out of concern that someone might drive off with them, construction workers will often forget to take similar precautions with the vehicles they use on-site. Sometimes, they will even just leave a vehicle running while unattended to save on time and inconvenience later. This lack of concern for vehicles not only increases the risk of theft, it also makes it more likely that a vehicle will roll on its own, potentially resulting in an accident when no one is in the vehicle to stop it.
  3. Maintenance issues
    • Performing regular inspections and maintenance on construction equipment is required by law, but it is still common for vehicles on construction sites to be behind on maintenance. Because of this, construction vehicles are at risk for potential mechanical failures that could otherwise be avoided. When these mechanical failures occur, it can result in potentially serious accidents that can cause injury or death to anyone in the vicinity.
  4. Problems on the site itself
    • Suffice it to say that construction sites often have major structural issues that can make driving large vehicles across them risky. Weak areas in the ground can become unstable and collapse suddenly, especially when certain types of construction work are being one nearby. While inspections can reveal these weaknesses and make vehicular accidents avoidable, construction site owners are not always as diligent as they should be, resulting in accidents.
  5. Accidents from passing motorists
    • Many types of construction sites are adjacent to roadways, or even take place on roadways. However, no matter what construction site owners and contractors do, it is not always possible to prevent accidents from passing motorists. If you or someone you care about gets injured in a vehicular accident on a construction site, you should contact a lawyer with experience handling construction accidents.

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