Every worker should be able to do their jobs without undue risk of harm in their workplace. Unfortunately, some employers will not do what they are supposed to do, neglecting or ignoring safety regulations that are intended to prevent accidental injury. Identifying and addressing these safety concerns is crucial to keeping workers safe in the workplace. Here are five signs to look out for that may signal an unsafe workplace:

  • Lack of warning signs
    • One of the first major signs that you may be dealing with an unsafe workplace is that there are not very many warning signs. These signs are intended to keep people away from hazardous conditions like slippery floors, dangerous chemicals, or high voltage electrical wires. If your employer is not taking the time to put up signs warning of these dangers, it could be because they do not take their employees’ safety seriously.
  • Lack of fall protection
    • If you work anywhere that has more than one floor, protecting against falling is essential. This could be as simple as putting up handrails to prevent tripping on stairwells, to more complex measures like safety nets or personal arrest systems (which are especially important in construction and other similar industries). Without these fall protections, workers are at a much higher risk of injury in their workplace.
  • Failing to provide protective gear
    • Many types of jobs require workers to wear protective gear, such as gloves, masks, goggles, or helmets. An employer is supposed to provide this gear to their employees as part of their employment. When an employer either refuses to provide that equipment, or worse, makes their employees bring their own, it can put every worker at a higher risk of a workplace injury.
  • Minimal or nonexistent safety training
    • Almost every job carries some small amount of danger, and employers have a duty to teach their employees how to avoid or mitigate that danger. This could be as simple as teaching employees where the fire exits are, or as complicated as learning how to operate the safety mechanisms on construction equipment. Either way, an employer that neglects this important part of employee training may also be neglecting other aspects of workplace safety.
  • Broken or damaged equipment
    • It seems logical that an employer would not want their employees working with damaged or broken equipment. And yet, some workplaces will fail to keep their equipment in good repair, possibly forcing its workers to manage with broken or damaged equipment. If you see this in your own workplace, it may not be a good sign about that employer’s safety practices.
  • Poorly maintained premises
    • Of course, it’s not only equipment that can get damaged. Broken floorboards, exposed wires or insulation, and dim or damaged lighting can all be signs of a poorly maintained premises. Keeping a workplace well-maintained is essential to keeping employees from being unnecessarily injured.
  • Lack of security systems
    • While not every workplace is inherently dangerous to work in, some locations are at higher risk of criminal activity than others. Security cameras, guards, and other security measures can help to deter criminals, and make it easier to catch them when they strike. If an employer fails to put in security measures to deter criminals, they put their employees at a much higher risk of being victimized in or around their workplace.

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