Construction sites can be one of the most dangerous job sites for both construction workers and pedestrians passing by them on the street. They are known to account for the majority percentage of work related deaths each year. Large machinery, hazardous chemicals, and staggering heights contribute to the long list of dangerous accidents that form this high-risk work environment.

Five of the most common accidents at construction sites include:

  • Falls

It is common for construction workers to be in the position of working in high places, such on scaffolds or roofs of buildings.

  • Reasons for these falls may include:
    • Faulty scaffolds
    • Broken or unsafe ladders
    • Lack of safety equipment
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals

This can be the most dangerous hazard at a construction site due to the fact that many of these chemicals are invisible to the naked eye and can go undetected if not properly monitored.

  • Common hazardous materials include:
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Pesticides
    • Chemical Solvents
    • Industrial Cleaners
  • Falling debris and objects

Multiple level projects heighten the probability of objects being dropped down onto workers below.

  • Reasons for Workers being struck by falling objects:
    • Lifting loads that exceed the suggested weight
    • Incorrect stacking of materials
    • Failure of workers to properly secure hanging tools or machinery equipment
    • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Machinery Accidents

Heavy machinery is a common component of construction sites that can lead to serious injuries when not properly handled. While some of these accidents are preventable, many of them actually occur due to negligence.

  • Common machinery accidents:
    • Collision with stationary object or other machinery
    • Dropping heavy loads of material
    • Entanglement of machinery
  • Crane accidents

Given their height and strength, it is not surprising that cranes are the leading cause of heavy machinery accidents on job sites. The majority of these accidents are due to human error.

  • Causes of crane accidents:
    • Misunderstood or incorrect signals between workers
    • Incorrect assembly of equipment
    • Collisions between cranes and power lines

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