Workplace injuries are a constant threat to people’s health and safety, with more than 2.8 million workplace injuries reported every year across the United States, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). While most do not result in serious injuries, more than 5,000 such injuries resulted in death in 2019, the year with the most recent data available. But how do you know if your workplace is potentially unsafe? If you see these warning signs, you may be working in an unsafe workplace:

  • Insufficient or improperly placed warnings
    • A serious warning sign of a potentially unsafe workplace is that there are not enough warnings. Warning signs that indicate slippery floors, powered electrical circuits, dangerous chemicals, and other potential hazards are a common sight in most workplaces. When these signs are not put up where they are supposed to be, it can be a sign that the employer does not take their employees’ health and safety seriously.
  • Broken or missing equipment
    • It is every employer’s duty to ensure their employees have the equipment they need to get their jobs done safely and efficiently. Most of the time, an employer is supposed to provide necessary equipment to their employees, and ensure that equipment is well-maintained. When this equipment is not provided, or when it is left in a broken state, that can be a sign that the employer is not taking necessary steps to protect their employees from harm.
  • Premises in poor repair
    • Equipment and tools are not the only things that can break down in a workplace. The premises itself can suffer damage over time, creating potential hazards that can result in harm. When employers do not take measures to keep the premises in good condition, that can be a sign that you are working in an unsafe workplace.
  • Lack of cleaning or waste disposal
    • Most workplaces maintain some kind of janitorial staff to ensure that waste is regularly disposed of and messes are cleaned up promptly. Some workplaces are less strict about maintaining good hygiene, however, leaving garbage to pile up and messes to sit around unaddressed. This creates an unsafe workplace for employees, who are placed at a higher risk of both illness and injury in these unhygienic conditions.
  • Lack of safety training
    • Finally, employers have a responsibility to ensure their employees are properly trained in safety procedures to protect them from foreseeable dangers. Some employers do not take the time to train employees on safety, letting them get to work without adequate training. This places employees at a higher risk of injury, creating an unsafe workplace for everyone who works there.

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