There are a number of jobs that involve working with chemicals that are potentially dangerous to anyone that is accidentally exposed to them. While there are supposed to be safety measures in place that protect against exposure to dangerous chemicals, there are nevertheless thousands of people who are injured and sickened on the job every year by these chemicals. But c

Types of Dangerous Chemicals Seen in Workplaces

While just about any chemical is potentially dangerous if misused, there are a number of chemicals seen in construction sites, factories, and other workplaces that are inherently dangerous to anyone who comes into contact with them. Generally speaking, these chemicals fit into one of four types:

  • Toxic chemicals:
    • Toxic chemicals are considered dangerous because they are, quite literally, poisonous to humans. If they are inhaled, ingested, or even if they make contact with a person’s skin, they can cause illness or injury.
  • Flammable chemicals:
    • Flammable chemicals are those that can easily ignite if exposed to fire or high heat. When not safely stored, these chemicals can easily lead to dangerous fires which can be difficult to contain or extinguish.
  • Unstable chemicals:
    • Unstable chemicals are those that have a tendency to react violently when heated, mixed, or electrified, resulting in an explosion. The most reactive of these chemicals can potentially explode from simply being jostled or dropped.
  • Specific hazards:
    • These are chemicals that are dangerous because they are acidic, alkaline, corrosive, or radioactive. Such substances are surprisingly common, and often need to be handled with special care to avoid serious harm.

Handling Dangerous Chemicals in the Workplace

Normally, dangerous chemicals should be identified with a warning label indicating what they are and what hazards they present. These chemicals should be held in appropriate containers and stored in safe conditions, depending on what is needed for the chemical in question. In addition, workers should be trained to handle any of these chemicals that are used on the job, along with what they should do if the containers holding these chemicals are damaged or defective.

What Happens When Dangerous Chemicals Are Mishandled

When dangerous chemicals are mishandled, they can easily lead to illness or injuries. This can happen for a number of reasons, including inadequate storage, a lack of safety training for employees, or a lack of appropriate labeling for the chemicals in question. When this kind of exposure happens, it is essential to get immediate medical attention for anyone affected. You should also speak to a lawyer with experience handling workplace injuries, who can help you with any legal issues that may arise.

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