A new season can bring new safety hazards with it. So do your best to keep an eye out for some common issues so that you can stay safe and keep enjoying the springtime. If you do suffer injuries this season despite your best efforts, a New York car accident lawyer from our firm can help you.

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Which Safety Hazards Should I Look Out for In Spring?

You can protect yourself better this season if you know a bit about what you should be on the lookout for. Common spring safety hazards include:

Wet roads and floors: Spring rainstorms can make the roads more slippery, which can make car crashes and other accidents more common. The rainwater can also create a slipping hazard inside establishments like grocery stores. Property owners need to be especially vigilant in the spring if they want to protect customers and anyone else who enters the premises.

Dog bites: The nicer weather can mean that people are letting their pets spend more time outside. Unfortunately, not all pet owners are responsible. If their dog is not well-trained and it escapes the yard, it might end up biting someone.

Blinding sunlight: The sunnier spring weather is nice until that sun blinds you when you are trying to drive. Keep a pair of sunglasses in your car and be aware of other vehicles at all times, whether you are driving, biking, or walking.

More pedestrians, cyclists, and others sharing the road: The road can get more crowded with people walking, biking, or riding skateboards in the spring thanks to the pleasant weather. If you are driving, be careful around others who do not have the protection of a vehicle and its steel frame. If you are walking or cycling, just stay aware of your surroundings.

Sidewalk wear and tear: The winter can wear down sidewalks, creating new cracks and holes that can be hazardous. Just watch where you are going and be careful.

Lawn equipment: Make sure that the lawn equipment you use is in good shape. If you get injured by a new product that initially seemed safe, you may have a product liability suit on your hands.

What Should I Do If I Get Injured?

If you suffer injuries in an accident, you should take steps to protect yourself and gather evidence. We recommend:

  • Calling the police so that a report can be filled out
  • Getting contact information for any witnesses
  • Taking pictures of the accident scene
  • Taking pictures of your injuries
  • Getting the medical care that you need right away
  • Keeping records of your medical expenses

Then it may be time to hire a lawyer who can help you pursue a personal injury suit.

Consult With a Personal Injury Attorney

If you get injured this spring and believe that someone else is to blame, a New York personal injury lawyer can help you hold them accountable. Contact Zlotolow & Associates and schedule your consultation. We can tell you more about your legal options and the potential value of your case.