When you submit a car accident claim, the insurance company carefully appraises it. Adjusters will look at a variety of factors and try to figure out how much you should be awarded. If you want to get the maximum amount of compensation, you should make a convincing claim backed up by evidence. A New York car accident lawyer from our firm can help you with that.

What Can Increase the Value of a Car Accident Claim?

The value of a car accident claim can increase if it is clear that the person making the claim sustained serious injuries in the crash. An insurer will look at a variety of factors in order to figure out how much they should pay, including:

  • The medical expenses of the claimant
  • Their recovery time and the difficulty of their recovery
  • Whether the claimant will be able to return to their normal life and routine
  • The need for future care and treatments
  • The psychological trauma suffered during the accident

Let’s say two different people make a car accident claim. One has a broken arm and should heal just fine after some time taking it easy. The other has a spinal cord injury and could struggle to walk again. The costs of one accident were clearly higher.

What Can Decrease the Value of a Car Accident Claim?

The value of a car accident claim can also decline during an insurance company’s investigation. The main factor is whether or not the person making the claim was partly at fault for causing the accident. In New York, you can still sue if you contributed to the accident. However, your settlement amount can be reduced in accordance with how much of the blame you shoulder for the accident.

Here’s what we mean. You get into an accident and your claim gets valued at $30,000. It is also determined that you were 40% at fault for the accident. Your settlement gets reduced by 40%, dropping to $18,000.

How Long Do I Have to Sue for Compensation?

If you get hurt in an accident, you need to begin pursuing legal action before the statute of limitations expires. In New York, that means that you must act within three years of the date of the accident. When you hire an attorney from our firm, we can make sure that you do not miss your chance to pursue compensation. We can start the legal process while you focus on recovering.

Should I Take the Insurer’s First Offer?

You might receive an offer from an insurance company soon after the accident. We do not recommend taking the first offer. This is the least amount that the insurer thinks they can get away with offering. If this settlement does not cover your expenses, you cannot sue for more.

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