A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere and for a multitude of reasons. When an accident occurs on private property the victim can typically pursue legal action and compensation, given they have evidence to prove liability of the property owner. But what happens if you slip and fall on government property?

wet floor slip sign on staircase

Having a slip and fall accident on government property can lead to a series of legal considerations. Generally, it is a property owner’s responsibility to provide visitors with a reasonably safe environment, but when it comes to government property it can be slightly more complex. If you were involved in a similar situation it is crucial that you understand your rights and options as well as the legal nuances involved. Contact a New York slip and fall lawyer to discuss your situation and get sound legal advice today.

Who is Responsible for a Slip and Fall on Government Property?

In any slip and fall situation liability will depend on the specifics of the circumstances. If a person slips, trips, or falls on a government-owned or maintained property the government could be held responsible for any associated injuries if they were negligent. You and your attorney will bear the burden of proving the negligence of the government.

Valid reasons to pursue legal action will include any hazard or danger that the government was aware of or should have been aware of but did nothing to resolve the matter. For example, imagine there was a floorboard loose in a government building. It has been loose for several months and there have been numerous complaints and reports about it. If you come into the building one day and trip on the loose floorboard, injuring yourself, the government can be held liable. They knew about the hazard and had plenty of time to rectify the issue but neglected to consider the safety of their patrons.

What Should I Do if I Slip and Fall on Government-Owned Property?

If you sustain an injury due to a slip and fall on government property you should refer to the following steps.

  1. Seek medical attention. Your health and safety are of the utmost importance so seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Injuries from a slip and fall could be as minor as a bruise to as severe as head trauma or broken bones.
  2. Document the incident. Your case will hinge on your ability to prove the government’s negligence. Documenting the accident will be paramount in making that happen. Take photos and videos of the area where the fall occurred and make note of any hazardous conditions. Ensure that an accident report is made and gather information from witnesses.
  3. Hire an attorney. It can be daunting filing a legal claim or lawsuit in general, but when you are pursuing legal action against a government agency it can be even more overwhelming. Acquire the help of a skilled lawyer to ensure that you are following proper procedures and that your rights are protected.