Pedestrian accidents are among the most deadly types of motor vehicle accidents, with more than 300 people dying every year due to these accidents in New York alone. This makes up about 17% of all motor vehicle fatalities, with about one in five of those accidents being hit-and-run accidents. Here are just some of the factors that make pedestrian accidents so deadly compared to other types of auto accidents:

  1. Pedestrians are unprotected from injury
    • The biggest difference between pedestrian accidents and most other types of auto accidents is that pedestrians lack the same protections against accidents that those riding in vehicles do. Without the protection of a vehicle and all its safety features, they take the full brunt of any collision without anything to limit the harm. This makes severe injuries and death much more likely, even in slow-moving accidents.
  2. Speeding is common, and that’s a problem
    • Speeding is an absurdly common driving habit, even on side roads where pedestrians can commonly be found walking. This endemic lack of respect for speed limits is a serious problem, because the faster people go, the harder the impact is when a crash occurs. It also makes drivers less likely to notice a pedestrian on the road in time to avoid an impact, making an accident that much more likely.
  3. Pedestrians are more likely to be injured at night
    • Motor vehicle accidents of all types are more likely when visibility is poor, such as when it is foggy or when it is dark outside. However, motor vehicles at least have the benefit of headlights to make themselves visible to other vehicles, giving them ample warning to avoid a crash. Pedestrians who do not wear special reflective clothing lack that advantage, making a nighttime collision much more likely.
  4. Distracted drivers endanger everyone, but especially pedestrians
    • Distracted driving makes up about fifteen percent of all motor vehicle accidents, but accounts for about a third of all pedestrian accidents. There are numerous reasons for this, but one of the most commonly cited issues is the use of cell phones or other electronic devices. When drivers text, check social media, or otherwise use their phone or tablet while driving, they make a pedestrian accident much more likely.
  5. Seniors are at the highest risk for injury and death
    • Unfortunately, senior citizens are among the most likely to be injured or killed as a result of a pedestrian accident. This is partly due to how many of them walk compared to younger people who are more likely to drive, but it is also due to their own physical conditions, which can make any injury more severe. When you add on other factors, such as visual or hearing impairments that are common to that age group, and you find seniors are much more likely to suffer harm in pedestrian accidents.

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