There is no industry more dangerous to its own workers than construction. Statistically speaking, construction workers are about six times more likely to be involved in an on-the-job accident than the average worker, making it the deadliest profession in America. But what makes the construction industry so dangerous, compared to almost every other type of job?

  • Safety violations are unusually common
    • It is probably not that surprising to learn that the industry with the highest rate of workplace injuries is also the industry most often cited for safety violations. These violations range from failing to provide proper safety equipment, to failing to put up warning signs, to failing to perform proper inspections of the work site or equipment. These violations all make it much more likely that an accident will take place, and can make any accidents that do happen much worse.
  • Construction workers often work from elevated heights
    • The single biggest cause of workplace accidents across all industries is falling. This can be the result of tripping or slipping on the ground, or a result of falling from high above. Construction workers experience both, but are uniquely prone to the latter, given how often they work high above the ground. This, combined with the industry’s habit of violating safety standards, puts them at a high risk of falling injuries.
  • Heavy machinery poses additional hazards
    • Construction workers often use power tools and heavy machinery as part of their job. These tools are intended to move heavy loads and cut through stone, brick and metal, and often have complex internal mechanisms capable of crushing limbs with ease. It is easy for a careless construction worker to accidentally injure themselves or others using this equipment, especially if they have not been following proper safety procedures.
  • There is a high risk of electrocution
    • The equipment that is often used in the construction industry is not merely dangerous because of the physical force it brings to bear. Much of this equipment is also powered by electricity, which can easily shock someone if they come into contact with it while it is powered on. In addition, workers can accidentally come into contact with exposed wires or power lines while working, leading to electrocution.
  • Construction involves many dangerous chemicals
    • It is not just the machinery that poses a danger to construction workers, though. Many dangerous chemicals, including flammable, acidic, and toxic substances, are regularly used in the construction industry. In addition, it is not uncommon for construction workers to accidentally unearth dangerous chemicals or gasses in the middle of a project. Without appropriate protection, these chemicals can easily burn or poison anyone exposed to them.

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