Being in a car accident can not only cause serious injuries, but it can also be very expensive. While it is a stressful time, there are steps you can take to improve the overall situation. 

man driving car

Make sure you and your passengers are not injured.

The first, and most important, thing to do immediately following a car accident is to make sure you and the passengers in your vehicle are okay. Once you have checked yourself and those with you, dial 911. Even in a minor accident, you need to call 911 to handle any traffic-related issues so you can obtain a police report to show your insurance. 

Stay calm and exchange contact information.

Following a smaller accident, where neither party is injured, there’s a chance you will be upset or angry with the other party. It is important to try to stay calm and keep the conversation on the accident. If possible, it is advised to wait until the police come to discuss the situation with the other person if you are in fear that they are upset. After you feel comfortable talking to the passengers in the other vehicle, it is very important to exchange certain information such as your name, email, address, phone number, driver’s license, and insurance information. This information will help you and your insurance company contact them in the future.

Take pictures of the crash scene. 

Taking pictures of the scene is important, as well. The photos can help show your insurance company the damage and what the environment was like during and around the accident. Contacting your insurance company as fast as possible will help start to resolve the situation even if you are still at the accident. Sending them the necessary information to get through the aftermath as soon as possible will ease your stress levels.

Keep an eye on your body for possible injuries for the next day or two. 

After you leave the crash scene, double-check yourself and passengers for injuries. The excitement and adrenaline could have clouded the pain or realization of an injury. You should also seek medical attention and get an examination from a doctor, just to be safe.

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