In major cities and urban areas, the shared electric scooter business has thrived over the past few years. There is a convenience and ease of shared e-scooters. All a user has to do is scan the device on their smartphone and start driving. Users are typically charged based on how much time they spend riding. Electric scooters have done a lot of good, but the added road and sidewalk traffic can cause an uptick in accidents as well. For assistance in your electric scooter accident case, speak with a knowledgeable New York auto accident lawyer.

two men riding electric scooters

Why Does Liability Matter in an Electric Scooter Accident?

It is important in any accident to determine who the liable party is. Though it may be surprising, e-scooter accidents can cause severe damage and injury to those involved. Determining liability is necessary not only to bring that party to justice but also to ensure that the associated costs of the victim or victims can be covered. Injuries can be severe in any accident, including electric scooter accidents. A person may have sustained broken bones, lacerations, concussions, back or neck injuries, and more.

Depending on the extent of the injuries, one or more parties may have racked up substantial medical bills including ambulance rides, hospital stays, doctor visits, surgery, physical therapy, medication, and more. They also could have sustained property damage to personal property that was present at the accident. In some cases their injuries may have prevented them from returning to work immediately, meaning that they missed out on some wages. Determining liability is important to ensure that the victim can be compensated for these costs.

Who Can Be Found Liable?

Any party either directly or indirectly involved in the electric scooter accident can be found liable. Multiple parties can also share the blame, each being awarded a percentage of the liability. The following are relevant parties that may be held responsible in the event of an accident.

  • The electric scooter driver
  • Another electric scooter driver
  • A car or other vehicle driver
  • A bike rider
  • A pedestrian
  • The electric scooter company
  • The government

The first few above parties probably make sense since anyone involved could have caused the accident through negligence or malicious intent. However, some people may question how the scooter company or government could be held responsible for the accident if they were not even present at the time.

The e-scooter company can be held liable if some sort of malfunction in the scooter caused the accident. Perhaps the company did not do regular checks or maintenance which caused the battery to burn out or the system to become defective.

The government or local government can also be held responsible if the accident was caused by some issue with the city’s infrastructure. For example, potholes, uneven sidewalks, and excessive bumps in the road can all cause a scooter driver to lose control or be thrown from the scooter. If the government fails to maintain the city and do regular upkeep, a scooter driver could file a lawsuit or claim against them.