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Jason Firestein, Esq.

Jason Firestein’s commitment to the law started at an early age. Growing up in Queens and Plainview, he became interested in American history — in particular, the role of law in shaping the nation.

As an undergraduate at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, Firestein earned a history degree, with an emphasis on legal history, in 1989. He then enrolled at Widener University School of Law in Delaware. As a law student, he was an editor of the Law Review and graduated with honors in 1992.

From that point, Firestein’s interest in the law rapidly shifted from the theoretical to the practical as he launched a career as a plaintiff’s attorney focusing mostly on personal injury cases. He worked at a number of law firms in New York City and Long Island before joining Zlotolow & Associates in 2010.

Throughout his career, Firestein has devoted himself to producing the best results for his clients.

“I like helping people who have been victimized by others,” he says. “I understand how insurance companies operate and how people who have been victimized in that way are often made victims again if they’re not properly represented and properly taken care of.”

The kinds of cases he handles range from motor vehicle accidents to premises liability to defective products. In addition to trying cases, Firestein has also handled appeals.

While he enjoys making lives better for his clients, Firestein also derives satisfaction from the fact that these successes sometimes bring about more wide-ranging benefits for others.

“I think that what we do can, to a certain extent, effectuate changes in how businesses and other places operate,” he says. “They might learn that they can’t just go about their worlds without regard for the safety of others.”

At Zlotolow & Associates, Firestein is part of a legal team that works together to deliver outstanding service and results for clients.

“I’m proud to be part of a successful operation that has helped many, many people over the years. We take a collaborative approach to all of our cases and all of our clients. We try to offer them the benefit of not just an individual person who is assigned to their case, but a team of people who work in concert to help them achieve a net result.”

Firestein’s commitment to the law is not limited to his own practice. He has written articles for the Nassau County Bar Association and is a frequent speaker at Continuing Legal Education events and legal conferences.

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